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"FLASH SALE": Antoine Mikhtarian about the new MikhMakh album, moving to Sweden and his influences

Updated: Jun 21

On June 21st, 2024, guitarist, singer and songwriter Antoine Mikhtarian releases his new record "Flash Sale" under the moniker MikhMak. Originally hailing from Marseilles, France, Antoine moved to Sweden a while ago and now is part of Gothenburg's music scene.

In our interview, we covered a lot of ground. We talked about how "Flash Sale" came to be, how the project MIKH MAKH has developed and where it is supposed to go. We discussed his influences (for instance Freak Kitchen) – and we also talked about moving to Sweden. And of course, there is a lot of guitar talk, too.

"Flash Sale" by MikhMakh: where to buy

"FLASH SALE" by MikhMakh is out June 21st. You can buy it in the usual places, for instance on MikhMakh's bandcamp page.  It's also available for streaming. More info about Antoine and his work can be found on his website. For more news about MikhMakh also check out their social media pages.


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