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Knobs "Stipple" — Beautiful Microgranular Fragmented Symphonies

Knobs is without a doubt one of the most creative beloved pedal channels on the internet (although "pedal channel" does not do him justice by any means!) Sonically and visually, his videos always have been little works of art. His music? Microgranular, beautifully weird and weirdly beautiful little fragmented symphonies. His miniatures and explorations evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, of arcade goodness and homey feelings. And then some.

"Please, make a full album" was one of the sentences Knobs (Scott Harper that is) has probably heard the most. Well, in 2022 that finally happened. Knobs has released "Stiple", a beautiful puzzle piece (or a musical connecting of dots) that sounds just as good as we hoped. Or even better. You can listen to the album on YouTube — but it's very recommendable to buy it from Knobs' Bandcamp page.

Listen and marvel:


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