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Steve Vai presents a low-key, pretty standard guitar called "The Hydra"

© Steve Vai

If you're looking for an inconspicuous low-key axe to bring with you to a slow blues session in your local pub, Steve Vai has got you covered!

We've seen Steve Vai play a heart-shaped guitar with three necks. We've seen him shred his retro-futuristic "The Ultra Zone" guitar, laser eyes and laser hands and all. Vai's not only one of the seminal guitarist's guitarists of our time (not only having influenced whole generations of electric guitar players but also having the most successful signature model – the JEM, now PIA)… but also a dedicated show man and a lover and player of guitars that do not look like vintage Gibsons.

Now Mr. Vai and his guitar making friends came up with a new toy, no: machine. We've already been given a look before, but now he has released a video, giving us proof it's real. It's a pretty standard 12-string-Sixstring-Bass-Harp-Steampunkmachine with blips, blops, bells and whistles.

Take a look at the Hydra:

Steve's releasing his new record "Inviolate" on January 28th, 2022. Those who have the opportunity to see him live will surely also be able to take a look at this very standard model.


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