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Stewart Copeland Interview: "The Problem with Jazz Musicians is That They All Suck!"

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Stewart Copeland, former Police drummer, poses for the camera
Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland is not only one of the greatest drummers in pop history, he is also a fantastically funny interview partner. During our Zoom talk about his new project THE POLICE DE-RANGED for Orchestra, he didn't hesitate to jokingly trash jazz (one of his hobbies as they say), comparing playing with The Police to World War 3 and also explained why it's better NOT to play The Police songs with The Police. All in good fun obviously — never leaving a moment of doubt about how much he enjoys performing.

Watch my full interview with Stewart Copeland here:

You find the German version of this interview on

Tourdates STEWART COPELAND — The POLICE Deranged for Orchestra:

20.07.2023 – Bremen, Seebühne 22.07.2023 – Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle

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