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Stewart Copeland Interview: "The Problem with Jazz Musicians is That They All Suck!"

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Stewart Copeland, former Police drummer, poses for the camera
Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland is not only one of the greatest drummers in pop history, he is also a fantastically funny interview partner. During our Zoom talk about his new project THE POLICE DE-RANGED for Orchestra, he didn't hesitate to jokingly trash jazz (one of his hobbies as they say), comparing playing with The Police to World War 3 and also explained why it's better NOT to play The Police songs with The Police. All in good fun obviously — never leaving a moment of doubt about how much he enjoys performing.

Watch my full interview with Stewart Copeland here:

You find the German version of this interview on

Tourdates STEWART COPELAND — The POLICE Deranged for Orchestra:

20.07.2023 – Bremen, Seebühne 22.07.2023 – Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle

2 comentarios

07 ene 2023

I “don't care what a rock drummer thinks about jazz. However, it is troubling that some music lovers who read what he has said, and who might have thought about checking out jazz at some point, may be influenced in some conscious, or subliminal/subconscious way, and never give jazz a chance.” by Hot Ptah, on February 15 2007.

More of Stewart Copeland’s low IQ, attention-hungry commentary here, and with reactions from others

Check this out. It’s awful. How he publicly humiliates those jazz musicians who thought they loved him. At one point, Stewart said “do they sound like wrong notes to you? Then your brain is not sophisticated enough to appreciate the alternative harmonies”. Since he is…

Me gusta

07 ene 2023

I turned down a black music student with an afro thinking he’d be down for some jazz improvisation with me, but it turns out he had parents that loved jazz and hoped he’d become a jazz musician. They gave him the best of the teachers, ear training, suzuki method but now he just wants what i had, rote learning and emphasis classical music. Bach to me is what i am rebelling from. Anyone rebelling from jazz is a total idiot. Go seek counseling and learn to separate jazz from your parents. Stewart abuses his power because everything was set up for him and he has no concept of merit. The most spoiled rotten celebrity who tries to kill the very…

Me gusta
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