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10 Guitar celebrities you'll find on Cameo – from Vai to Heafy to Yngwie

Updated: May 10, 2021

Vai: © Toglenn / CC BY -SA 4.0 * Malmsteen: © Alterna 2/CC BY 2.0 * Heafy © Frank Schwichtenberg/CC BY-SA 4.0

Especially in times when our guitar heroes, just like us mortals, can not go out and tour, it's not unusual for them to join Cameo in their free time. Cameo, for those who have not yet heard of it, is a website where you can have your favorite star salute you in a commissioned video (and they take requests. Can you say hi to Aunt Gerda, Buckethead?). Of course, you have to pay them a bit to do so. While there are celebrities from all different walks of life on Cameo — from R&B superstars to actors to Mickey Mouse impersonators — we have taken a look at which guitar heroes are on Cameo — and how much they cost.

By the way: By naming the price I am by no means making fun of anything — sometimes the prices on Cameo are really high, sometimes even more ridiculously low in comparison. You’ll find music icons that you’ll get for twenty bucks — and some of them for 400 Euro.

Yngwie Malmsteen: 409.18 Euro/499 Dollar

The neoclassical king, the shreddest of shredders, the Paganini with the scalloped neck and many a gold chain; king to many, frowned upon by some who think less is more: Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen is not only the fastest, but also the most expensive of them all on Cameo. If you want a special message by His Yngwness, then you have to pay 418 Euro.

Tommy Thayer of KISS: 164 Euro/200 Dollar

I wonder what Gene Simmons would take for a Cameo vid? Probably a couple of thousand? Well, at least we know what his KISS colleague Tommy Thayer takes for one. You can have some glittery spaceman greetings (sans make-up) for 164 Euro.

Steve Vai: 123 Euro/150 Dollar

If you want Mr. Vai to say hi, then that’s much more affordable. The guitar legend, Zappa’s little Italian virtuoso and stunt guitar player, is on Cameo too — a video message recorded by him to you and your friends costs about 123 Euro. Which is much cheaper than Yngwie for some reason. I’m not judging, I’m just saying!

Steve Stevens (Billy Idol): 102.50 Euro/125 Dollar

If you’re a rebel yell, you can have the great Steve Stevens salute you — for a little more than a hundred bucks.

Jennifer Batten: 19.68 Euro/24 Dollar

Jennifer Batten is the best proof that a Cameo price says nothing. 20 Bucks for a musician of her profile is ridiculously cheap. Twenty bucks for one of the best-known female guitarists who has — besides her solo career — played for Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck and many more? Plus has cultivated to keep the pick in place with a bit of spit on her forehead? Come on.

(Update: The price for a Jennifer Batten cameo has been raisto 40 Dollar).

Gary Holt of EXODUS and ex- SLAYER: 20.50 Euro/25 Dollar

You either buy one salute by Yngwie or around 20 (!) salutes by thrash metal titan and riffmaster extraordinaire Gary Holt, founding member of Exodus and formerly of Slayer, pardon me: SLAYYYYYYERRRRRRRRRRR.

Scott Ian of ANTHRAX: 81.18 Euro/99 Dollar

Talking about Thrash titans: Scott Ian of Anthrax fame (and S.O.D. if you please) is one of the mid-priced Cameo guitar players and will shout at you, or give you a shout out, for around 81 bucks.

Max Cavalera of SOULFLY: 41 Euro/50 Dollar

Soulfly, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed and others: Max Cavalera is known for playing in a lot of bands and oh, he also used to be lead singer of Sepultura. His videos cost 41 Euro, so around 10 Euros for every String he has on his guitar.

Andreas Kisser of SEPULTURA: 28 Euro/35 Dollar

Not to get into trouble here with this sequel, but Sepultura guitar player Andreas Kisser is also on Cameo. A bit cheaper than his former band mate even.

Matt Heafy: 57,40 Euro/60 Dollar

Matt Heafy, frontman of Trivium, creator of the Epiphone Matt Heafy Signature Les Paul in either white or black and either 6 or 7 string (they're great but kind of heavy around your shoulders) and Twitch celebrity is on the Cameo train, too. Mid priced, that is.


Other great players on Cameo:

Gus G: 53.30 Euro /65 Dollar

Mike Dawes 24,60 Euro/30 Dollar

Bruce Kulick: 82 Euro/100 Dollar

Bumblefoot: 24,70 Euro/30 Dollar

Satchel/Steel Panther: 82 € Euro/100 Dollar

John 5 156 €/200 Dollar

Matt Sweeney 32.80 Euro/40 Dollar

George Lynch 82 Euro/100 Dollar

Phil X 98,40 Euro/120 Dollar

Herman Li 41 Euro/50 Dollar


Disclaimer: Neither this site or the author is in any way affiliated with Cameo. This is not an advertisement by any means — but merely a look on which guitar players are on mentioned website.

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