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Editorial: What will happen in 2022 (on Hyperlocrian)

Dear readers,

I hope you have arrived safely in 2022 and that you're healthy and well. 2021 has been an intense year workwise – and after having published one big interview every week here on (and what great musicians I had the honor to talk to!) things have slowed down a little bit. That was mainly due to the fact that I worked quite a lot on other projects —as well as diving into recording music on my own again – and I also needed a bit of a break during the end of the year.

There will be a lot of things happening on in 2022. Besides in-depth interviews, I'll also revive the blog and write about stuff I like. That can be gear, records, artists, Youtube videos, concerts traveling or whatnot. Maybe some photos I took, who knows. And I'll also talk a bit about my own music as well — and when I do interviews for other magazines, I might link them here as well if I think they can be of interest to you.

The next interview will be published tomorrow, January 10th. It will be an interesting one.

Thanks for reading, stay safe




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