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Album review: The John Goldsby Trio "Segment"

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

(c) Julia Goldsby

Ever since he left New York City for Germany in 1994, double bassist John Goldsby has been a member of the renowned WDR Big Band. It is a busy job with a steady schedule of recording, playing concerts and working on different projects – although 2020 has, of course, been a little different for the WDR Big Band too. As the whole group wasn't allowed in the recording studio together due to COVID safety regulations, but smaller groups of musicians were, Goldsby used this opportunity to record his new solo album "Segment". The album has been digitally released as three EPs (Segment Vol. 1 - 3) – the whole album in physical form (on one CD) will follow on February 16th, 2021.

His bandmates on "Segment" aren't strangers of course: Drummer Hans Dekker has been Goldsby's colleague in the WDR big band since 2005, pianist Billy Test since 2018. "Segment" is a joyful and wild ride through jazz – consisting of own compositions by Goldsby ("Things That Go Bump" and many more) and Dekker ("Spinning" etc) as well as jazz standards such as Charlie Parker's "Segment". Choosing Parker's tune as the title song has a sort of special meaning, John Goldsby told me in the extensive interview I did with him for (to be published this Saturday): "That really reflects my roots as a straight ahead, bebop 4/4 walking bass player".

There's a little bit of everything on "Segment", from rumbling bebop to slow ballads – played by three masterful musicians who happen to be a well-proven, tight rhythm unit. A true gem on "Segment" is Goldsby's beautiful rendition of Charles Mingus' classic "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat". The first two minutes are double bass only – and one can only listen in awe at John Goldsby's tone and feel (as one does throughout the whole album).

Read the full interview with John Goldsby next Saturday on


Get "Segment" by The John Goldsby Trio digitally on Bandcamp or Amazon.

More info about John Goldsby on his official website.

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